2019 Artists

Artist Biographies

Barbara Bucknall - The Evil Doer Maybe

Barbara Bucknall

How far are we to be blamed for losing control of our thoughts? How can anyone hold that against us?” The picture An Evildoer Or Maybe was done a number of years ago in retirement. She has loved pictures and words since she was a small child. Ever since her retirement in 1993, she has found inspiration and solace in art. Barbara has studied French and German at Oxford University.

Sarah Carter - Art Journal

Sarah Carter

Sarah was raised and resides in the Niagara Region. She is a vibrantly passionate artist. That is always up for experimenting in new mediums but has been painting all her life. She loves creating pottery and can always be found working on a new art journal. Sarah has a homebased studio she lives with her loving and supportive husband and dogs. Sarah is a dreamer and she likes to dream big. Her love starts with community and how to bring everyone together through a project. She envisions this project growing and is hoping that one day we can make an interactive display of them with a table near with supplies that everyone can add to a collaborative piece of art that could evolve over the show. Giving reason for people to revisit it and be a part of it.  Sarah has exhibited her art at the Pumphouse Art Gallery in Niagara on the Lake. She has been included in the Art Lovers Affair Show at Hernder’s winery for the past two years with St. Catharines Art Association. She has also exhibited with the Willow community for the past five shows including two at Mahtay café and three times at Rodman Hall.

Renu D’Cunha - Tribal Dance

Renu D’Cunha

Renu was born in India and moved to Canada in Dec 1966 with her family and landed in Gander Newfoundland. When Renu was only seven years old she entered an art competition and won first prize for a lake scene in watercolor and that is where her art making began. More formal training began when she started to study with artist Connie Clause and learned the art of watercolors. With her daughter in tow she moved back to India for some time and travelled around Europe where she continued to make art. Eventually, she made her way back to Canada in 1990. When her kids were getting older, she studied visual arts at Niagara College. She began to display her work more often and opened a collective art gallery for a few years. Throughout her life making art has always been a constant. Despite her mental and physical disabilities art is the key that has helped her cope along the way.

Jordinn James

Jordinn is a genderqueer-identified, self-taught, Niagara-based Artist living with Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. His work is inspired by system-challenging provocation, and contains references to honest, yet graphic and controversial themes. His first exhibition was in 2017 entitled: Dysphoric Filth. Presently, he is working on a collection of work entitled: Fragmented Bi-Proxy which is about Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Jordinn James Tether

Farrow Mascoe

Farrow was born in St. Catharines and has lived in the Niagara Region her whole life. An avid runner and cyclist, she suffered a mild traumatic brain injury that would completely change her outlook and goals in life. While in hospital she was introduced to art as therapy and realized the many benefits that even the most basic art can have for a person. Discovering the Willow Arts Community further fueled her passion for creating and experimenting with many different mediums. Over the last year, using graphite, coloured pencils, and more recently pastels she has been exploring animal drawings aiming for a realistic look. Farrow has exhibited in multiple group shows at Rodman Hall and Mahtay Café, as well as having a piece in the “Abstract City Hall” exhibit at St. Catharines City Hall.

Farrow Mascoe - Kingfishers Lunch

Colleen McTigue

Colleen is an artist living and working in St. Catharines.  She has been a member of the Willow Arts Community since June 2018. Born in Iowa, USA in 1956, Colleen McTigue moved to Montreal with her family in 1969, where she graduated from high school in 1973.  During these early years in Montreal, she first became interested in art, and experimented with various mediums such as oils, tempera, pastels and acrylics. Primarily self-taught, she began pursuing art in March of 2018 as a way of filling time due to being on disability leave for major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.

Colleen McTigue - Courage
Chris Mittelstaedt - Vivian Tired

Chris Mittelstaedt

Drawing is important to me, to the degree that drawing is equivalent to life itself.” Christian is an 82-year-old artist from Hamilton, Ontario. He has always been interested in art, colour, shapes, texture, and drawing. He has been creating art since 1962. He has studied at Dundas Valley School of Art. What fascinates him is life, people, and faces. Each different and each telling a unique story. To him colour is visual music, the faces – the notes. Christian has exhibited at the Burlington Centre and the Art Gallery of Burlington

Catharine Parayre - Dance

Catherine Parayre

Catherine rarely works alone. Preferring cooperative projects, she usually limits herself to adding a few elements to existing artworks. In the past few years, she has however completed a few artworks on her own. These reflect an abstract, undetermined sensitivity to colours and luminous contrasts, as well as the wish to suggest fully engaged concentration despite the blatant absence of meaningful content. Parayre also enjoys drawing lines around such colourful surfaces, not to contain them, but to offer protective boundaries to potentially expanding shapes. She always uses a mix of acrylics, watercolours, and various pens and likes to include narrative writing in one of the three languages she uses daily (German, French, English).

Amanda Plante - Dreams

Amanda Plante

Amanda is both a traditional and digital painter, focusing on portraits and semi realism/ abstract realism.  She is fascinated by the way we as humans display emotions through our bodies and features. A simple stance or look can mean so much. She has found through her art that she portrays a lot of what she is feeling but hadn’t discovered it herself until a few years ago when she noticed she kept hearing how her subjects display such emotions. It’s a good release. A way to get what is in her mind onto a canvas.

Alysha Rocca

Alysha is a Toronto based artist working in paintings, photography, and video installations. She is currently a student at OCAD University majoring in Drawing and Painting. She works primarily with oil and acrylic paints and incorporates themes of feminism in all of her works. Alysha currently is exploring the dualism of fabric and paint, pushing the boundaries between old and new styles. Alysha Rocca incorporates space and aesthetic to create an interesting combination of art in space.

Fedora Romita

Fedora is an interdisciplinary artist. Her practice includes performance, interactive drawing projects, audio, video, and installation. Her work is conceptual, and process based. She completed her BFA from OCAD in Sculpture Installation. She has exhibited in Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver, Canada as well as in Berlin Germany and Birmingham, England.

Fedora Romita Pivot film

Jonathan Simpson

Jonathan received his BFA in Sculpture & Installation at OCAD University, with a minor in Art History in 2014. While in school, he worked as a ward clerk at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto in the departments of Ophthalmology, NICU, Transplants and Neurology. He was also there as a volunteer subject for ophthalmic research, and having his pupil dilated quite literally opened up a world of science for him. During this time, his practice became greatly informed by scientific research and concepts. His work has been featured twice for the Timeraiser event held at The Power Plant Gallery & he has had the honour of exhibiting at the Canadian Sculpture Centre. Currently, He is currently living and working in Niagara.

Jonathan Simpson Niagara Artist
Cathy Sisler In The Bin

Cathy Sisler

Cathy is an American-born artist who moved with her family to Canada in 1965 to avoid the looming draft of her brother into the Vietnam War. She eventually moved to Toronto in 1981 where she studied painting at the Ontario College of Art and Design. She later moved to Montreal to complete a Masters of Fine Arts degree at Concordia University. Cathy is now a resident of the City of St. Catharines, Ontario. Most recently her art has been in various community exhibitions within the Niagara Region such as Art Me Up @ The Niagara Artist Centre (2016), Art Me Up Goes to City Hall (2016), Art Me Up Crawl (2016), In the Soil Festival Arts Installation of The Treatment Room (2017), and Elevating Community Arts at the Niagara Region community services headquarters (2017).

Andrea Smits

Andrea is an emerging artist from Welland, Ontario. Painting is a source of expression as well as a foundation for coping with mental illness. Through the ups and downs and the occasional sideways, creating art has been a lifeline at times for Andrea. To spawn stillness from chaos or to simply enjoy the grounding process on a summer afternoon, there is always an unrelenting desire for her to create.

Andrea has exhibited at NAC Small Feats exhibition, TAG Art Gallery in St. Catharine’s, Hamilton Pride, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes group exhibition in Hamilton, Spring Fling group exhibition in Welland, and at The Pumphouse in Niagara on the Lake.