Farrow Mascoe - Kingfishers Lunch

Farrow Mascoe – Kingfishers Lunch

Farrow was born in St. Catharines and has lived in the Niagara Region her whole life. An avid runner and cyclist, she suffered a mild traumatic brain injury that would completely change her outlook and goals in life. While in hospital she was introduced to art as therapy and realized the many benefits that even the most basic art can have for a person. Discovering the Willow Arts Community further fueled her passion for creating and experimenting with many different mediums. Over the last year, using graphite, coloured pencils, and more recently pastels she has been exploring animal drawings aiming for a realistic look. Farrow has exhibited in multiple group shows at Rodman Hall and Mahtay Café, as well as having a piece in the “Abstract City Hall” exhibit at St. Catharines City Hall.