Amanda Plante - Dreams

Amanda Plante – Dreams

I’ve lived in Thunder bay my whole life and have moved here to St. Catharines recently. Art has been a huge part of my life. I have thought about going to art school but shied away from it as I have always had trouble with my art teachers in high school and multimedia school. I still think about going but for now I am happy doing what I do.

I have gone to school first for multimedia production in hopes to be a 3D artist or a graphics designer but found out sitting at a desk was not good for my mental health. Then went to school for culinary and became a cake decorator/ baker. I haven’t done much in the art world such as entering exhibits and shows, but I am starting to change that.

I am both a traditional and digital painter, focusing on portraits and semi realism/ abstract realism. I am fascinated by the way we as humans display emotions through our bodies and features. A simple stance or look can mean so much. I have found through my art I portray a lot of what I am feeling, and I haven’t discovered it myself until a few years ago when I noticed I keep hearing how my subjects display such emotions. It’s a good release. A way to get what is in my mind onto a canvas.

You can find my work online on InstagramPatreon and Twitter.